'The Mummy' Video Wants To Remind You Why Tom Cruise Is Awesome

'The Mummy' Video Wants To Remind You Why Tom Cruise Is Awesome

May 09, 2017

Movie franchises each have that one special thing that continues to define them. For the Fast and the Furious franchise, that's the cars and the locations. For Marvel movies its the characters and their connections. For The Mummy, it's...er...not the Mummy. It's Tom Cruise.

Cruise is a franchise unto himself. He's one of our last true movie stars and the one thing he brings to each and every blockbuster he signs on to is his stunt work. We're all well aware of this by now thanks to external plane rides and skyscraper rappelling in the Mission: Impossible series, but Cruise is so terrifically singular about what he brings to the table that we will always, always watch footage of him turning into a human crash test dummy.

That's why we love this video of The Mummy. It's not explaining the history of the iconic horror series. It's not about plot, not does it set the stage for Universal's expected movie monster universe. It's just everyone heaping praise on Cruise while we watch him run, fall and slam into various things on top of fake buildings, into very real walls, and even inside of a zero gravity airplane.

Check it out.

The Mummy hits theaters on June 9, 2017.

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