'The Master' and 'Man of Steel' Lead Our Best and Worst Movie Promos of the Week

'The Master' and 'Man of Steel' Lead Our Best and Worst Movie Promos of the Week

Jul 21, 2012

The Master

How about some movie clips to lead you into the weekend? Not only did a pair drop for both The Bourne Legacy and Total Recall, but we’ve also got scenes from End of Watch and Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, too.

Total Recall definitely trumps the lot, delivering two clips that exhibit a strong connection to the 1990 film, but also confirm we are desperately in need of an upgrade. Click here to check out the first clip featuring a futuristic video chat between Bryan Cranston and Kate Beckinsale, and here to see Beckinsale on the hunt for Colin Farrell and Jessica Biel. The pieces from The Bourne Legacy look solid as well, but the motorcycle chase scene and escape from the cops aren’t as effective as they likely are in context.

On the non-summer blockbuster level, we’ve got a little something from the September 28th release End of Watch highlighting one of the film’s prime assets, the chemistry between Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña. We go full horror with a clip from one of this year’s Halloween releases, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. Based on this material, it looks as though we’ll get our fix of those monster-like characters, but the question still remains, will Revelation have a fully realized story to go along with the scares?

Before jumping into the best and worst of the week, one non-clip promo worth checking out is the new viral video for After Earth. It is heavy on the details and not particularly entertaining, but it is useful in readying yourself for what’s to come.

The Best Stuff

1. The Master Poster: While not a fan of offbeat and rather enigmatic teaser trailers, in the case of The Master’s first poster the choice to not shove the story in your face results in an elegant and curiously foreboding design. Thanks to the recently released full trailer, we now have a clearer sense of what the booze signifies, but regardless, there’s just something very appealing about this image. It’s simply a smart design in how it swaps the typical label to provide the details of a movie, but rather than just leave it at that and have it come across as more of a gimmick, the designers submerge the bottle, hinting at what’s to come.

The Master

2. ParaNorman Comic-Con Sneak Peek: When you need a double take of a piece of promotional material, the marketing department did something right. Not only did this sneak peek at ParaNorman win me over during the film’s Hall H panel at Comic-Con, but now that it’s hit the web I’ve played through it a number of times, just because I can. The video makes the film look quite appealing, showing off the exhilarating and rather sweet premise at its core as well as the colorful characters peppered throughout. 

3. Item 47 Clip: I like Marvel movies, but have never felt the need to catch any of the pieces under the Marvel One-Shots umbrella. There’s something about further exploring S.H.I.E.L.D. that suggests you’ve either got to be really into the films or have a firm understanding of the source material to appreciate it. Item 47, on the other hand, is an entirely different story -- one told from the prospective of two average people. The fact that Benny and Claire (Jesse Bradford and Lizzy Caplan) are just as clueless as those of us with little to no Marvel Universe know-how makes their story infinitely accessible and this clip from the film proves it. 

The Worst Stuff

1. Branded Comic-Con Trailer: This trailer may not be terrible, but at this point to still not have a firm grasp on what the deal is with Branded while watching it proves that either the marketing campaign isn’t highlighting the right details or the film itself is just all over the place. No, you don’t want to shove story information in a viewer’s face, but the person should be able to sit back, relax and have a general sense of what a film has to offer once the trailer is over. If you’re going to pick up on the fact that these crazy brain tube-like things and monsters come from Misha’s (Ed Stoppard) special ability, you’re going to have to work for it. And even if you get that far, before you know it, you’ll be questioning that concept, too – can other people see these things? Who’s the spy? Is, “How far are you willing to go?” the best line of dialogue they’ve got? If your goal is to make a person want to see a movie, you’ve got to provide something much more concrete for them to latch onto.

2. Man of Steel Comic-Con Art: You go to Comic-Con with a hot summer 2013 release and this is the poster you bring? A simple teaser suffices for films like After Earth and Elysium, both complete Comic-Con newcomers and films that have released a fairly small amount of promotional material, but for Man of Steel there was so much talk at SDCC 2011 and we’ve had that first image of Henry Cavill’s Superman and the film’s logo for so long that we needed something more than Superman lurking in the shadows. After all this time we need to know what is going to make Man of Steel stand out from the other iterations of the hero, and based on the look of this poster, it’s the fact that his suit doubles as a rubber kickball and nothing more.

Man of Steel Comic Con Art

3. Lawless Quad: You know, if it weren’t for the brand-new Gangster Squad banner, this UK Quad for Lawless might not have found itself in the bottom three. Whereas the Gangster Squad design is clearly strategically designed, compartmentalized to highlight cast and costumes while conveying a sense of style, this poster for Lawless feels as though the designer was just trying to squeeze all the famous faces in and nothing more. (And I’d like to bet they put Bane, er, Tom Hardy, front and center for a reason.) Rather than make use of the Prohibition-era setting and show where these characters fit into what should be a fascinating and compelling situation, Lawless merely delivers a cut-and-paste job.

Lawless Banner


What were you favorite and least favorite movie promos of the week?

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