'The Man of Steel' to Fly Six Months Later Than Expected

'The Man of Steel' to Fly Six Months Later Than Expected

Jul 21, 2011


Though Warner Bros. doesn't have a full-on presence at Comic-Con this year, that's not stopping them from stealing a corner of the spotlight.  The studio has just announced that the release date for Zack Snyder's The Man of Steel has been delayed by a few months.  It was originally slated for December 2012, but now the Brothers Warner have carved out a cozy June 14, 2013 spot.

Now, before you take this six month delay as a sign that Warner Bros. needs extra time to fix the film (which will soon begin principal photography), that's not exactly the case.  This isn't a creative decision, it's a business one.  December 2012 is already crowded with The Lone Ranger, Django Unchained, The Life of Pi and the studio's own The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  Laying claim to a prime summer spot six months later is a smart move, especially considering the only superhoer film leading up to it is Iron Man 3 one month earlier, and its only currently scheduled competition the week after is Disney/Pixar's Monsters University.

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