'The Lie' in Real Life: Woman Fakes Her Child's Death to Get More Time Off from Work

'The Lie' in Real Life: Woman Fakes Her Child's Death to Get More Time Off from Work

Jan 11, 2012

Joshua Leonard's The Lie is a ballsy film that really tests the limits of how far a main character can go without losing the audience entirely because the entire movie is based around a concept that involves its main character (played by Joshua Leonard) lying about his baby's death in order to get out of work. It's a nasty thing to do -- and it's real hard to sympathize or relate to a character who would do such a thing -- but Leonard pulls it off, and he takes us to a place we've all been at one point or another. A place of isolation, despair and of wanting something better and more inspiring out of life, and it's that kind of stuff an audience can relate to. Tack on fun performances from Jess Weixler and Mark Webber, and The Lie is a solid little flick that we whole-heartedly recommend.

What we didn't expect to see, however, was someone try to use that same lie in real life. Yup, a New York City school official (if you can believe that) actually went so far as to produce a fake death certificate for her child so that she could enjoy an extended vacation in Costa Rica. To make matters worse, she had one of her other kids call the school she was working at to let them know. Who does that? The death certificate did belong to an older person who passed away, and now this woman is in trouble for forgery, not to mention she's lost her job.

No word on whether Leonard's film inspired the warped idea, but use this as a lesson to not fake your own kid's death to get out of work. Next time just tell them you have the flu.

[via Buzzfeed]

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