'The Hunger Games' Trailer: Jennifer Lawrence and Other Teens Prepare to Battle to the Death

'The Hunger Games' Trailer: Jennifer Lawrence and Other Teens Prepare to Battle to the Death

Nov 14, 2011

The brand spanking new Hunger Games trailer premiered this morning on Good Morning America, and it definitely packs a larger punch than that first initial teaser. This one does a great job of setting up the premise -- which involves groups of kids from several Districts who are forced to fight one another to the death -- while not giving away too much. Jennifer Lawrence looks strong in the role as the film's lead, Katniss, and the trailer essentially follows her and Peeta's (Josh Hutcherson) story up until the point where they enter the arena.

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Based on the ridiculously popular novel (which has sold more than 16 million copies worldwide), fans of the property should like what they see here. The dark, grim reality of a society that makes children fight to the death seems to be present, with Donald Sutherland looking like a perfect President Snow. Really, though, this is Lawrence's trailer --- she's the heroine of this property, and she's the one that needs to sell fans on this being the next big teen-centric franchise after Twilight and Harry Potter. Does she do that here? We'll let you be the judge.

Check out the trailer below or on Apple in HD. And for more on The Hunger Games, check out our ultra popular Hunger Games Countdown column right here.

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