'The Hunger Games' Rules This Year's Surprising List of the Most-Searched Movie Titles

'The Hunger Games' Rules This Year's Surprising List of the Most-Searched Movie Titles

Dec 13, 2012


At the end of the year, Google and Yahoo fill us in on the most-searched movie titles. We'll leave it to you to figure out the demographic that uses each search engine, but we'll admit that we're definitely more Google-type folks 'round these parts. The list contains some surprises. Where's The Dark Knight Rises on Google's list? The Hunger Games dominates both rankings at number one, and smaller titles like Magic Mike made the cut for both websites. Clearly, audiences need more male nudity. Filmmakers: take note.
Google has Indian action film Ek Tha Tiger, which is a pretty great oddball addition, but then it ruined things by including Dark Shadows, too. James Bond turned 50, so he's featured prominently on both roundups, and Yahoo users still dig Twilight a whole lot. Also, we see you John Carter. Check out both rankings below, and let us know if you draw any unique connections. [via Bleeding Cool]
10. The Expendables 2
9.  Skyfall
8. Snow White and the Huntsman
7. Prometheus
6. Magic Mike
5. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2
4. The Amazing Spider-Man
3. The Avengers
2.  The Dark Knight Rises
1. The Hunger Games
10. Dark Shadows
9. Taken 2
8. Paranormal Activity 4
7. Ek Tha Tiger
6. John Carter
5. Magic Mike
4. The Avengers
3. Prometheus
2. Skyfall
1. The Hunger Games

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