'The Help's' Strange Movie Tie-In

'The Help's' Strange Movie Tie-In

Sep 13, 2011


Throughout cinema's history, there have been some terrible and truly bizarre movie tie-ins. Hammer's The Resident – about a woman who is stalked in her apartment – teamed up with a lock and key company earlier this year to offer discounts to new customers. Back in 1976, Jakks Pacific created a line of action figures to coincide with the release of Rocky, which encouraged kids to "beat their meat." The Meat was a plastic slab of beef – complete with bloody smock – that resembled the one Rocky practiced boxing in the movie. 
Fast forward again to last month's release of The Help, about a 1960's southern society girl who wants to become a writer and not a baby factory. She ends up penning a book that reveals the struggles of an African American maid. The Republic of Tea worked with moviemakers to reveal a limited edition flavor in support of the film's release. Caramel Cake Tea is what they came up with – "a blend of traditional black tea with the flavor of homemade caramel." It's a strange juxtaposition with a film about race struggles (even if it's a fluffy Hollywood version of those trying times). Republic of Tea says the drink was inspired by Minny's famous caramel cake in the movie. We say that Minny's tired of cooking and serving tea and should rest her feet for a while.
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