'The Fall Guy' Wants Martin Campbell and Brett Ratner is 'Hunting Eichmann'

'The Fall Guy' Wants Martin Campbell and Brett Ratner is 'Hunting Eichmann'

Nov 01, 2011

Casino Royale director Martin Campbell may be directing the 1980's Lee Majors action series The Fall Guy. Thor and X-Men: First Class writers Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz are handling script duties for the project that initially saw a home with DreamWorks, but there's a chance the studio may not remain involved. If he signs on, Campbell would be re-telling the story about Major's Colt Seavers, a Hollywood stuntman. Times are tough though, and Seavers has to moonlight as a bounty hunter to make a decent living. After Casino Royale's success, Edge of Darkness and Green Lantern didn't fare so well for Campell, so let's hope this brings him back to right.

All we want to know is: will they be keeping that awesome theme song? [via Deadline]

Another action-packed extravaganza finds Chronicles of Narnia scribe Ann Peacock attached to thriller Hunting Eichmann for director Brett Ratner. The story is based on real-life events. Adolph Eichmann was a Nazi officer who fled to Argentina after the War, where he lived with his family and worked odd jobs over a 10-year span. He was eventually caught and faced an Israeli court for criminal charges. Eichmann was hanged in 1962 for his heinous crimes.

It seems like an interesting choice for popcorn king Ratner and with the help of Peacock — who prefers her stories socially involved — this may actually take the Tower Heist director in a whole new direction. Plus, who doesn't love watching movies about the ultimate villains: Nazis. [via Deadline]

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