'The Departed' and 'Get Shorty' TV Shows In the Works

'The Departed' and 'Get Shorty' TV Shows In the Works

Aug 23, 2016

More and more movies are being adapted into TV series, and the latest additions have a similar affiliation: they're both based on gangster plots. Find out how and when The Departed and Get Shorty will make their way to the small screen below. 


The Departed 

Martin Scorsese's Best Picture-winning remake of Infernal Affairs is getting reworked again and is heading to Amazon, according to Variety.

This time, instead of Boston, the setting is Chicago, where a young cop infiltrates a Latino gang while a member of that gang infiltrates the city's police force. Jonathan Richman, who scripted the Bangkok Dangerous remake and created the cop show Detroit 1-8-7, is writing the series, which now apparently has to find an Hispanic equivalent to Jack Nicholson. Jimmy Smits?


Get Shorty  

The TV version of Barry Sonnenfeld's adaptation of Elmore Leonard's novel is a little further along, according to Deadline.

Set up at Epix, the series will star Chris O'Dowd as a gangster looking to make it in Hollywood, the role filled by John Travolta on the big screen. He begins working with a washed up producer played by Ray Romano -- Gene Hackman's part in the movie. The showrunner of the crime comedy series is Davey Holmes, previously a writer and producer on Shameless and Damages, and it debuts next summer.




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