'The Dark Knight' in Real Life: Christian Bale Battles Authorities in China on Foot and by Car

'The Dark Knight' in Real Life: Christian Bale Battles Authorities in China on Foot and by Car

Dec 16, 2011

Actor Christian BaleActor Christian Bale is no stranger to beating up bad guys and high-speed car chases thanks to his work on three Batman films, but things got all too real when the actor was recently roughed up and chased by police in China.

The star, who was in the country for the premiere of his new film The Flowers of War, was attempting to visit blind civil rights activist Chen Guangcheng when he and the CNN news team he was with encountered local authorities. With nary a word of explanation (aside from the command to “go away”), Bale and the camera crew were forced away from Chen’s village physically. Camera footage shows the actor being pushed and shoved by Chinese authorities repeatedly.

The drama didn’t end there, though. As Bale and the crew left the area in their vehicle, authorities continued to pursue them out of the village. It’s certainly a scary moment, but Bale doesn’t find his actions the least bit heroic – stating that the people who live in the area and stand up to the Chinese authorities are the real heroes.

Bale planned the visit with Chen in order to highlight the plight of the activist, who was imprisoned for several years and has been confined to house arrest for the past 15 months.

Check out footage of the shoving match and subsequent pursuit below.

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