'The Dark Knight Rises' Update: Insiders "Scared to Death" Over Bane Voice Issue; Was Robin Teased in New Trailer?

'The Dark Knight Rises' Update: Insiders "Scared to Death" Over Bane Voice Issue; Was Robin Teased in New Trailer?

Dec 20, 2011

So now that the new Dark Knight Rises prologue and trailer are out in the wild, concerns over the villain's voice are growing louder and louder. As we first reported last week, the biggest problem with 2012's most anticipated film is that, while Tom Hardy's Bane looks rough, tough, menacing and all-around brutal, his overall presence is hurt by the fact that you can't really understand a word he's saying through the mask. Director Christopher Nolan has already said that he'll be cleaning up a little of the audio, though he's made it pretty clear that he's not doing some overhaul of the sound because he wants Bane to be difficult to understand since that's part of his character. According to reports, however, others working on the film feel differently.

THR (who lazily quote me in their piece as simply a "fan on Twitter") claims via "sources close to the movie" that folks are "scared to death" over this "Bane problem," adding that Warner Bros. would like Nolan to change up the sound mix to make Bane easier to understand, though Nolan has only agreed to "alter the sound slightly" because he wants "the audience to catch up and participate rather than push everything at them."

We completely understand Nolan's desire to make the audience work a little, but not being able to understand the film's main villain will certainly pull an audience out of his world, diminishing the film's overall impact. Sure, not being able to understand the villain or his actions (on multiple levels) is part of Nolan's master plan here, but don't you feel like it'll hurt the film more than help it if we can only make out every fourth line of dialogue? What do you think?

Meanwhile, in other Bat-news, many fans are pointing to a screengrab from the new trailer as a sign that Robin really is in the film after all. During the football sequence, a fan is seen holding up the Robin "R' from the comics, perhaps signaling the character's presence in the film. Either that or Nolan dropped it in as an Easter Egg to mess with our heads. You be the judge ...


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