'The Dark Knight Rises' Trailer Gets Sweded

'The Dark Knight Rises' Trailer Gets Sweded

Dec 22, 2011

What would a super low-budget version of The Dark Knight Rises trailer look like? Fear not, though it's only been a few days since the real trailer dropped online, that hasn't prevented folks from piecing together parodies of it. We've already posted one parody which pokes fun at the language barrier between Bane and Batman, and now the lunatics over at Dumb Drum [via Collider]  have "sweded" the trailer, recreating it on a budget of about 10 bucks. And, ya know what, it's not that bad. Especially for something put together in a few days.

Check it out below, then watch the real trailer and compare. Then pray we don't get anymore parodies for awhile because the damn film doesn't come out until July 20th!


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