'The Dark Knight Rises' IMAX Preview: Details Revealed

'The Dark Knight Rises' IMAX Preview: Details Revealed

Oct 25, 2011

Because we want more reasons to write about The Dark Knight Rises, and because you want more reasons to read about The Dark Knight Rises, here's a little update on that six-minute preview that's going in front of IMAX screenings of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol this December. Not surprisingly, only 70mm IMAX screens will be hosting the footage, and not digital IMAX screens. So that will make it a little bit harder for you to see this so-called "prologue" (which is probably just the opening sequence of the movie), but we're sure that won't stop you Bat-fans from traveling near and far to feast on whatever little bits of footage you can.

AMC originally revealed this information, but has since retracted it after Warner Bros. asked them to remove it from their page. We're not exactly sure why -- chances are Warners wants to be in complete control of what information goes out and when -- but we do know that this has been confirmed and it is happening. No word yet on which 70mm IMAX screens will be hosting the footage presentation, but here's a list of all IMAX thearers in the US (via JoBlo), which gives you details on which ones are strictly digital and which are not.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol drops on IMAX screens five days before its official release on December 16. Batman fans should cancel all plans for that week now.

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