'The Dark Knight Rises' Countdown: A Slow News Day in the City of Gotham

'The Dark Knight Rises' Countdown: A Slow News Day in the City of Gotham

Aug 25, 2011

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While hype for The Dark Knight Rises seems to be kicking in nearly a full year before its release, news surrounding the film’s production has slowed down quite a bit if you’re trying to stay away from the temptations of spoiler-town USA. I could write pages and pages about what’s been reported as “inside info” on the production and those involved, but those representing Batman On Film would tell you that this would largely be a monumental waste of your time.

I don’t want the film spoiled for either myself or for you, so rest assured that the news you’re about to read is spoiler-free unless I warn you beforehand. Either way, on with the news, with a side of PSA:

Don’t Look For the New Vehicle

By now, word has managed to get out that some kind of new Bat-vehicle may make an appearance in the film. If you value no spoilers at all in your life, do NOT go searching for it. Several movie news sites, both reputable and not, have posted images that you may not want to see if you’d like to preserve your first viewing of Rises next July.

This is the double-edged sword of filming in outdoor locations in a major American city, everyone. The film will undoubtedly look genuine and good, but details will leak out from time to time. I would really recommend not looking for these images if you want to avoid spoilers.

Knight On the Run

Back on August 13th, Jett reported at BOF that a source informed him of a set for the film being constructed in Torrance, California. A while ago, it was reported that some of the film would move to Los Angeles for a segment of principal photography. Torrance itself is located about 21 miles southwest of Los Angeles, so this news comes as little surprise. Jett points to a report at OnLocationVacations.com, which presents a full, spoiler-free report on the construction.

In other production news, this time out of Pittsburgh, Jett pointed readers to two reports from the local Pittsburgh affiliate that he assures us contain very little in the way of spoilers. The first report, from August 16th, tells us of a large hole created for the film in downtown Pittsburgh. The second report just talks of the production moving across the south side of town, then doubling back to the downtown area. Nothing big, but if you want to read some new details without spoiling yourself, you’ll be pretty safe in that regard.

Back on the 21st of August, it was reported that the shooting in Pittsburgh had wrapped entirely. From there, the film will move to the aforementioned Los Angeles area on both soundstages and on-location.  This is pretty good news for those wishing to avoid spoilers, since we’ve seen all we can see from the Pittsburgh shoots and now the film will move to a more controlled environment. While it’s possible some spoilers may yet emerge from the LA shoot, chances are the risk will be much lower coming from tinsel town itself than from a city like Pittsburgh.

After the shooting in Los Angeles is complete, the film will finish its run of principal photography in New York in November of this year, giving a stretch of about eight months between the end of shooting and the release date.

Bane Speaks Highly of Director

On the 23rd of August, MTV released a video of actor Tom Hardy giving an interview for his upcoming MMA-film Warrior when the conversation inevitably turned to Dark Knight Rises. After a few little tidbits on his perception of the obsessiveness of certain fans over this forthcoming film, Hardy eventually gushed about his feelings for Christopher Nolan as a director. “Chris Nolan is amazing. How he releases his films, he's a very enigmatic human being. It's genius, what he does, and I just trust him and how he slowly feeds what he's about to do to the world.”

Given the nature of Hardy’s discussions with members of the press about the film, this will only whet the appetites of fans everywhere with Hardy’s word choice of “what he’s about to do to the world.” It’s anyone’s guess at this point, but as has been the case in the past, Hardy’s not budging on any sort of plot or aesthetic details, which shows a very evident commitment.

Hathaway Makes the Rounds, Catwoman Comes Up

Anne Hathaway has recently appeared on several talk shows promoting her new film One Day, with conversation usually turning to her role as Catwoman. There have been particularly entertaining results on Conan and Chelsea Lately. See the latter video below, and the BOF main page for links of appearances discussing Catwoman specifically, and don’t worry about spoilers there.

That about does it for production news, so here are a few odds and ends for those of you that consider yourselves Batman fans!

Burton Batman Double Feature in Los Angeles on September 23rd

The breakthrough 1989 Batman and its polarizing follow-up, 1992’s Batman Returns, will be screened at 7:30pm at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica. The event will be moderated by Geoff Boucher of the LA Times Hero Complex blog and feature Batman fan turned writer/producer Michael E. Uslan signing copies of his new memoir, The Boy Who Loved Batman. Preceding the double feature, fans will have an opportunity to speak with Uslan in an interactive Q&A session. As a Bat-fan I really wish I could make it, as it sounds like a hell of an event for anyone interested in the Dark Knight. Uslan’s anecdotes and views on the subjects of comics in academia are a huge inspiration on me personally, so if you have an opportunity to participate in this event, I’d highly encourage it.

New DC Universe Brings Relaunched Dark Knight

As you may have heard by now, DC Comics is canceling all of their superhero titles this month in order to relaunch their entire line with new #1 issues, and the Batman line is no exception. Both longstanding titles, Batman and Detective Comics, in addition to more recent titles have all seen their last issues in their original runs and are now making way for second volumes.

The relaunch goes down next week on August 31st with the premiere of Justice League #1 by the powerhouse creative team of comics superstars Geoff Johns on writing duties and Jim Lee on pencils. This will contain the first appearances of the “new” Justice League, including the updated Batman. BOF will have full coverage of the event with comic book reviews contributed by a group of passionate and talented writers. I’d encourage you to check the books and BOF’s reviews out when they start hitting the shelves. I will be reviewing the new Batgirl and Batman and Robin titles, in addition to the aforementioned Justice League. Read the books and the reviews, and let me know what you think!

One last note: it seems like I’ve talked about the whole notion of spoilers quite a bit, so check out an awesome op-ed by Forbes writer and Batman On Film contributor Mark Hughes about the nature of spoilers in today’s internet movie climate at BOF, aptly titled “Spoiler Alert!”.

That about does it for this edition of The Dark Knight Rises Countdown. Thanks for reading! What do you think of the prevalence of spoilers across the internet for this film? Have you learned something about the film you wish you hadn’t? Don’t say what that is! A yes or no will suffice. With what you’ve seen or heard, have you grown more excited about the film, or has the influx of news managed to have little to no effect on you? Let me know, and I’ll reconnect with you in September!

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