'The Dark Knight Rises' Countdown: Batman's Got You Covered

'The Dark Knight Rises' Countdown: Batman's Got You Covered

Jan 12, 2012

Chris Clow is a comic book expert, retailer and contributor to Batman-On-Film.com and Modern-Myth-Media.com. When not geeking out, he is a Political Science major at Western Washington University. You can find his Dark Knight Rises Countdown column here at Movies.com every other Thursday, and his comic book reviews for various monthly titles and his participated podcasts at BOF and MMM. Follow him on Twitter @ChrisClow.

Happy New Year from your friends at Movies.com and Batman-On-Film! It’s time to ring it in with the first Dark Knight Rises Countdown column of 2012, the year that will bring us the Epic Conclusion to the Dark Knight Legend! News over the last couple of weeks has been relatively slow, but there are several nuggets that you may find interesting emerging around and about the film, so we’ll get to those this week.

Also, we’ll take a look at two high-profile releases next week in the world of Batman comics, in addition to a brand new photo of the Dark Knight himself from the new film. Now that the preliminaries are out of the way, welcome back!

New Audio Mix Untrue

Awhile back, the good folks at Collider ran a story that claimed the audio mix for The Dark Knight Rises IMAX prologue had been cleaned up, allowing for easier understanding of Bane’s dialogue. As Jett explained at BOF, with all due respect to Collider, he didn’t want to run with it on BOF because he questioned the factual accuracy of their report. Last week, on January 2nd, Collider issued a retraction to their original piece, getting confirmation from IMAX themselves. They stated, “I feel it’s important to own up to your mistakes rather than just forget about them. I’m sorry for any confusion.”

This is a perfectly understandable mistake and one that Collider is to be commended for rectifying. The debate about Bane’s voice, though, continues to drag on. By the time July 20th rolls around, we’ll have to see if any changes are made to Bane’s audio mix, or if the tact behind allowing his voice to remain as-is becomes clearer after our first full viewing.

Although there is a mild amount of controversy surrounding this, that doesn’t mean some fun can’t be had with it! Take a look below at Conan O’Brien’s take on the whole mess, including a parody of the recently released trailer. It’s pretty funny.

New Interview With Matthew Modine

Actor Matthew Modine, probably best known to audiences as Private Joker (apt name!) from the legendary Stanley Kubrick film Full Metal Jacket plays the mysterious role of “Nixon” in the film and recently spoke in an interview about the experience on-set, as well as an amusing exchange between he and Christian Bale. Take a look at the video below!

Hardy On “Going Bad” For Rises

Reported by BOF back on January 9th, Tom Hardy recently spoke to The Mirror about the enjoyment he got out of descending into evil for his portrayal of Bane. A few blurbs chosen by Jett show the enjoyment of the material, the reverence of the franchise, and the “play it cool” attitude of the star about to become 2012’s most talked about cinematic villain:

* “I loved being able to play a baddie and, coming from East Sheen in South-West London, that doesn’t come easily to me. I actually had to work on not being very nice. I’m genuinely a nice guy.”

* “Batman is such an amazing franchise that I honestly feel overwhelmingly privileged to be a part of it," said the actor. "It’s such an amazing cast to work alongside, they are all so talented.”

* “I’m not even thinking about how it’s going to blow up for me after Batman. I’m just going to enjoy it and I’m still going to be buying a pint of milk by myself at the corner shop.”

Batman Covers Entertainment Weekly

As reported by BOF on January 11th, the Batman himself has graced the cover of the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, in the first fully-released publicity shot of Christian Bale in full costume for the new film. A cursory glance seems to show that the Batsuit being worn by Bale here is virtually identical to the one he sported in the last film, but who knows? Maybe we’ll get some surprises along the way. Eight years seems like a long time not to make any upgrades, right?

That about does it for new information surrounding the film, so let’s take a look at next week’s major comic releases featuring the Dark Knight!

Next Week in Bat-Comics: Batman #5 and Nightwing #5

If we’re going to be talking about high-profile Batman comics coming out this week, or even this month, the conversation has to begin with Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s eponymous Batman title. The mystery of the Court of Owls grows stronger with each passing issue, and with a recent announcement from DC that promises back-up features exploring the mysterious society in the coming months, the narrative surrounding the elusive group can only grow deeper.

Snyder’s story has proven to be a very true-to-character highlight piece showing us Batman’s unequaled resolve and raw skill, while simultaneously giving him an unusual foe that promises to give him a run for his money. And as we are well aware, Batman has a lot of money. Be sure to check out BOF’s Batman review page late next week for what’s sure to be a fantastic look at the issue by the esteemed John Bierly, my friend and fellow Modern Myth Media Gentleman.

Next week also sees the next issue of the Kyle Higgins/Eddy Barrows Nightwing title, centering on the first character to bear the Robin mantle in his own adventures. Nightwing is a personal favorite character of mine, and I’ve been very pleased with the direction his title has taken since it began back in September.

Nightwing is one of those characters that has proven to be one of the most reliable in the entire DC Universe. He has the training of Batman, but practically none of the baggage. He allows himself to smile more than once a night. He’s personable, he’s a friend to many, and a lot of people see him as the ideological center of the DC Universe because so many other heroes admire him. This is just one of the reasons I enjoy the character, and his title. Check out BOF’s Nightwing review page late next week for a look at the issue by BOF’s Ryan Hoss.

New Original Graphic Novels for 2012: Death By Design and Earth One

This year will see a couple of high-profile Batman graphic novels emerge not on the issue racks at comic stores, but in the graphic novel section and the bookshelves of major bookstores. Two prominent original graphic novels (or OGN’s) featuring the Dark Knight will be released. The first of which is entitled Death By Design, and has an interesting premise of taking place in the year 1939, the year in which Batman was created.

It sounds as if Depression-era construction will be a major component of the story, giving a retro aesthetic and creative eye to Gotham City as well as characters like Batman and the Joker. The book is written by acclaimed writer and designer Chip Kidd and illustrated by artist Dave Taylor. Check out BOF’s first look at the OGN, and keep an eye for it at comic shops and bookstores when it’s released on June 5th!

The second major OGN release featuring Batman this year will be in Batman: Earth One, which continues the Earth One line that was supposedly started back in October of 2010 with the New York Times Bestseller Superman: Earth One. The idea for this line is sort of akin to Marvel’s Ultimate line of comics, reimagining old characters with new spins on their backstories and personalities, only these are exclusively released as graphic novels instead of seeing publication in issue format first.

The team behind this series can be described as comics superstars, with the writing chores being handled by DC’s go-to guy and Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment, Geoff Johns (Green Lantern, Justice League). The artist is the highly talented and humanistic penciler Gary Frank (Incredible Hulk, Action Comics). Johns and Frank had a highly acclaimed run on the first volume of Action Comics, which saw some truly memorable Superman stories be born out of their collaboration. The last piece they worked on together was a limited series entitled Superman: Secret Origin, the team’s attempt to give a modern interpretation to Superman’s genesis.

Check out BOF’s first look at Batman: Earth One and check out the unique traits that will separate the Earth One Batman from the mainline DC Universe Batman, as well as art previews under Frank’s gorgeous pencil and Jon Sibal’s reliable inks. Look for Batman: Earth One in stores on July 10th, a mere ten days out from the release of The Dark Knight Rises.

That about covers it this week on the Dark Knight Rises Countdown! Be sure to check out all of the other fantastic Countdown features here at Movies.com, and be sure to browse here and Batman-On-Film for all of the latest surrounding the final Christopher Nolan Batman film. If you have anything to say about this piece or wish to see something from a future one, leave a comment and I’d be very happy to take it under advisement! Thanks for reading, see you in two weeks!

The Legend Ends in 190 Days when The Dark Knight Rises

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