'The Crow' Is Back On

'The Crow' Is Back On

Nov 04, 2015

The Crow

A new version of The Crow under the direction of Corin Hardy is back on the production schedule of Relativity Media, according to The Wrap. The film had been placed on hold a few months ago, due to the studio's financial and legal troubles, but now it looks to be the first project on the docket as the studio emerges from its bankruptcy, with the start of production marked for March 2016.

Hardy has been attached to direct since December 2014, shortly before his horror movie The Hallow debuted to critical acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival. The 1994 original, based on James O'Barr's comic book series, starred Brandon Lee as a musician who comes back from the dead to avenge his own murder and that of his fiancee. Tragically, Lee died due to an accidental shooting during production, and the filmmakers ended up digitally compositing his face "onto a stunt double to complete his few remaining scenes," according to Wikipedia.


A sequel came along soon thereafter -- The Crow: City of Angels (1996), starring Vincent Perez -- followed by Rob Zombie's failed attempt at a sequel, The Crow: 2037 (1997), a television series in 1998 (The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, starring Mark Dacascos) and two more direct-to-video sequels, The Crow: Salvation (2000), with Eric Mabius, and The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005), with Edward Furlong.

Mark Wahlberg / Bradley Cooper / Luke Evans / Jack Huston

The current version has been in development for years. Here's a timeline of the stars and directors who have been tied to the project at various points.

  • 2008: Stephen Norrington (Blade, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) announced his plans to write and direct a "reinvention."

  • 2010: Mark Wahlberg was in talks to star.

  • 2011: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) was announced as director. Bradley Cooper was in talks to star.

  • 2011: After Cooper dropped out of contention, Wahlberg again came under consideration, with rumors of Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling and James McAvoy also floated.

  • 2012: F. Javier Gutierrez (Before the Fall) came on board to direct.

  • 2013: Tom Hiddleston (Thor) was reportedly in talks to star.

  • 2013: A short time later, Alexander Skarsgard was rumored to be under consideration, which he quickly denied.

  • 2013: A month later, Luke Evans was reportedly cast.

  • 2014: Corin Hardy hired to direct in December.

  • 2015: In January, Evans dropped out.

  • 2015: In March, Jack Huston was confirmed to star.

  • 2015: By June, Huston had dropped out. Reportedly, Nicholas Hoult and Jack O'Connell were under consideration.

  • 2015: On July 31, it was reported that production was put on hold due to the bankrupty of studio Relativity Media.

Will we ever see a new version of The Crow? And who will star? Stay tuned!

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