'The Avengers' Get Their Own Cologne Line and Become Wacky Wobblers

'The Avengers' Get Their Own Cologne Line and Become Wacky Wobblers

Jan 20, 2012



The Avengers hits theaters in May this year, and movie merchandising madness has already begun for the Joss Whedon-directed superhero epic. Fragrance company JADS International — makers of the Slave Leia perfume and Shirtless Kirk cologne — have set their eyes on The Avengers crew for their latest pop culture-inspired scents. They're apparently still waiting to be licensed, but that hasn't stopped them from sharing some pics and descriptions of their hopeful line. 
Considering that Tony Stark spends a lot of his time cooped up in that suit, we envisioned an Iron Man cologne smelling like metallic sweat and something quite unmentionable. Instead, JADS imagines the billionaire playboy-cum-crime fighter would waft something " resolutely sophisticated," and " forged from the sea, the sun, the earth, and a touch of devil-may-care whimsy." Huh. Hulk, Thor, and others also get their own aromatic makeovers.
Meanwhile, Funko has created a line of seven inch tall Wacky Wobblers for the film, each with their own unique packaging. Pick up Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor. You probably don't need any more toys, but clearly there's a hole in your heart that can only be filled by geeky dust collectors. Check out more photos at ComicBookMovie.


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