'The Avengers' Continues to Shatter Box Office Records; It's Now Disney's Highest Grossing Film of All Time

'The Avengers' Continues to Shatter Box Office Records; It's Now Disney's Highest Grossing Film of All Time

May 18, 2012

Thor and Captain America

Can anyone stop The Avengers? Earth’s mightiest heroes continue their assault on the summer box office and have now reached several new milestones according to Deadline.

The super-powered team of comic icons has set a new domestic release speed record, reaching the $400 million mark in just 14 days of release. On the global scale, it’s now officially passed Toy Story 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest to become the sixth highest grossing film ever. If that weren’t enough, it’s also the highest grossing Disney film of all time – and it’s only been out for two weeks! Who knows how many more records it might break.

Naturally, sequel talk is already well underway. And why wouldn’t it be? Just look at a few of the other records the film now holds:

Biggest Domestic Opening of All-Time: $207.4 million

Biggest Domestic Second Weekend of All-Time: $103 million

Highest Domestic Saturday Tally: $69.5 million

Highest Domestic Sunday Tally: $57 million

The film is also the highest grossing domestic film of the year, bumping previous titleholder The Hunger Games in a mere 12 days. It’s Disney’s fifth film to cross the billion-dollar global box office mark, and it holds the record for second highest single day domestic tally at $80.8 million. The scariest thing? These records could be shortlived – it’s no stretch to imagine Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises shattering even these lofty figures. Kinda makes you wonder just how much piracy is really hurting the industry, doesn’t it?

Digs aside, do you think The Avengers is destined to be the biggest hit of the summer or will The Dark Knight Rises crush these numbers when it’s all said and done? Play Hollywood prognosticator in the comment section below.

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