'The Amazing Spider-Man' Update: New Look at The Lizard; Playset Reveals Additional Villains

'The Amazing Spider-Man' Update: New Look at The Lizard; Playset Reveals Additional Villains

Dec 30, 2011

As has happened in the past, when you have a big property you're looking to do some serious merchandise business off of, then you should expect a lot of character and story leaks to come from these toys since they're developed long before the film hits theaters. We've already seen a couple images of Spider-Man's latest nemesis, The Lizard, that way, and now another strong, live-action look at The Lizard's face close-up has been revealed thanks to images of some kind of remote control. We caution that these may only be test pieces and not fully finished products ready for shelves, so this version of The Lizard may be slightly different from the one we see on screen. More over at Idle Hands.

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Additionally, another Amazing Spider-Man toy looks to have revealed a pretty big spoiler from the film's climactic action sequence.

Spoilers Ahead

The playset (seen below) is a recreation of the film's big Oscorp Tower FX Battle, and the characters featured include Spidey, Lizard and SWAT Lizard, the latter of which confirming a previous rumor that Dr. Connors (played by Rhys Ifans) is able to transform an entire SWAT team into Lizards as well, providing our hero with one heckuva difficult fight. Chances are this is a reveal they'll show us in trailers as we inch closer to the film's July 3rd release, but now that there are several of these toy images out there hopefully the studio will decide to release an official Lizard shot soon.

[via Coming Soon, Idle Hands, Bleeding Cool]

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