'The Amazing Spider-Man' Invades New York City Next Week

'The Amazing Spider-Man' Invades New York City Next Week

Jun 21, 2012

As has become a tradition with the Spider-Man movies, the web-slinger will be taking over New York City next week in preparations for The Amazing Spider-Man's July 3rd release by staging a number of events, as well as celebrating a nationwide day of volunteering on June 26th. Some of the events include a cast lighting of the Empire State Building red and blue, and appearances at the Today Show Plaza, Forbidden Planet and the American Museum of Natural History. That stuff's fun and all, but beyond the Spider-Man star sightings, you have some really cool side events, especially for kids.

They're doing spider exhibits at the New York Botanical Garden, giveaways at the Sony store, Spider-Man activities at the Brooklyn and Staten Island children's museums, and even a workshop on basic animation techniques at the Sony Wonder Technology Lab. Oh, and there's something about a workshop where kids can learn how to make their own newspaper at the Skyscraper Museum. Can I get in on that?

Seriously, if you have a kid and live in NYC, get over there. This looks rad. You want a full calendar of events for this thing, though, so head to their official site for that. And to learn more about volunteering, they have an official place for that too.

Spend next week being a hero and then playing like one too. And then get excited -- there's a new Spider-Man movie opening up!


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