'The Amazing Spider-Man' Countdown: Putting the Cart Before the Spidey-Horse

'The Amazing Spider-Man' Countdown: Putting the Cart Before the Spidey-Horse

Jan 09, 2012

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Hey, Sony, it’s time to take the next step with The Amazing Spider-Man. Fans are somewhat cynical about the film anyway, due to the quickness of the reboot after just one stumble, and the unremarkable trailer didn’t inspire confidence. Right now, as far as superhero movies go, the film seems to be a distant third behind the anticipation levels for The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers. Once again, Spider-Man finds himself the underdog.

Now, I’m rooting for Spidey. I like the cast, and I figure there has to be some good reason to re-explore the origin story or they wouldn’t be doing it again so soon after Raimi’s first film. That said, I’m still waiting for something that gets me truly pumped up -- something that looks and feels like the Spider-Man I love.

Getting all of my information on the film from tie-in merchandise is not what I’m talking about. We were first treated to the Lizard as a Pez dispenser, then as a video game controller, followed by a toy car, and now as a Mega Block set (some would say the set contains “spoilers,” but I don’t really see how a toy can spoil a movie). We still haven’t actually seen the Lizard, as he appears in the movie itself.

The steady leak of stills from the film are anything but exciting. This week saw the unveiling of Peter Parker in street clothes and the shocking revelation that Gwen Stacy uses an umbrella at some point in the film. These aren’t exactly money shots; where’s the action? Even the Avengers’ concept art has been more exciting than what they’ve been releasing for Spidey.

Sony missed their window to get a new trailer onto one of the Holiday blockbusters, so there’s no telling when we’ll actually see anything new (my guess is that a new trailer will debut with Sony’s Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance in February), but it’s time. There’s only so long that the film can be revealed through merchandise before it starts to seem like that’s the film’s sole reason for existing. I don’t want to think that (I’m an optimist), and I’m hoping Sony proves me wrong -- that there’s a valid, artistic, exciting Spider-Man story heading our way very soon.


News from the Web

-- If you live in the Houston area, Marvel and the Alamo Drafthouse are putting together an event on January 11 to celebrate the launch of Scarlet Spider, the new on-going series starring Spider-Man’s clone Kaine. As a kid growing up in the shadow of Houston, I would daydream of the city having its own hero -- little did I know that Houston would get its own Spider-Man. Writer Chris Yost and artist Ryan Stegman will be in attendance, signing comics and screening key episodes of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as well as some new surprises. Tickets are available here.

-- If you have fond memories of Walt Simonson and Art Adam’s “New” Fantastic Four storyline (the one where Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Hulk, and Wolverine fill in for the team) and you aren’t already reading Rick Remender’s surprisingly cool Venom series, then the upcoming “Circle of Four” storyline might be the perfect time to jump in. Starting with Venom #13 in February, the book finds Venom teaming up with some unlikely allies to stop a world-changing wager between Mephisto and Blackheart. The team is almost a “mirror universe” version of the “New” FF, with Venom in place of Spidey, X-23 filling in for Wolverine, Red Hulk replacing the grey one, and the all-new female Ghost RIder shaking things up.

-- MTV would like you to know that Peter Parker is apparently a Ramones fan in the new movie (based on his wardrobe in a new image from the film). It makes a kind of sense, seeing as how The Ramones once covered the Spider-Man theme.

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