'Terminator 5' vs. 'Independence Day 2': Which Sequel Should Win the 2015 July 4th Weekend?

'Terminator 5' vs. 'Independence Day 2': Which Sequel Should Win the 2015 July 4th Weekend?

Sep 16, 2013

Paramount Pictures has just pushed back its next Terminator movie (sequel/reboot/whatever) by five days, according to Deadline. So, its new release date is July 1, 2015. That puts it two days ahead of Fox's Independence Day sequel ID Forever Part 1, which drops on July 3. Obviously the latter has to open on Independence Day weekend. There's no way it's going to budge. And therefore it looks like we're going to have a battle of the sequels nobody is really that excited about.

But at least now we can be excited about that competition itself. Call it the Robot vs. Alien Battle ("Terminator vs. Aliens" would be a totally different property, which many of us would probably rather see). Even if you're not interested in seeing either the fifth TermInator movie, which is supposed to feature the return of a much-aged Arnold Schwarzenegger to the franchise, or the ID4 follow-up that is coming nearly 20 years later, it'll probably be a fun bet to make with friends on which will come out of the weekend on top. 

Terminator 5 has the advantage of opening first, but IDFP1 has the advantage of not being a part of a franchise diluted by disappointing sequels. Fans of the old Terminator movies might not be up for more. Fans of ID4 may have two decades worth of anticipation building inside. Not to say the Independence Day sequel will be a better movie, but it might actually barely have the edge to be the more lucrative one.

I've really liked all the Terminator movies to some degree. Meanwhile, I've seen ID4 once in a midnight show opening weekend and fell asleep. So I know which one I'm looking forward to more. And if Paramount is smart and lets the next movie center on Kyle Reese and have Anton Yelchin doing his awesome Michael Biehn impersonation again, I'll be first in line. 

But how about you?


Which movie are you looking more forward to in the Terminator 5 vs. Independence Day 2 battle?

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