'Stoker' Director Park Chan-wook Is Asking You to Make His Next Movie

'Stoker' Director Park Chan-wook Is Asking You to Make His Next Movie

Sep 11, 2013


Photo credit: Leeyan Kym N. Fontano


Park Chan-wook's Hitchcockian thriller Stoker was released a few months ago, but the filmmaker is already hard at work on a new project with his brother, artist Park Chan-kyong. Unsurprisingly, though, there's a little twist. The collaborators are asking people to submit the actual footage, which they will curate and edit into a short film. Budding filmmakers are invited to capture video (up to five minutes) about the city of Seoul, Korea. Categories for submission include: working in Seoul, made in Seoul, and Seoul (for themes that don't fit into the previous two categories).

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is behind the project, but the most exciting part of it, of course, is having two acclaimed filmmakers review your work. The brothers, who direct under the nickname "PARKing CHANce," created the award-winning Night Fishing in 2011, which won the Golden Berlin Bear for Best Short Film. (It was shot on an iPhone.)

Don't expect Seoul, Our Movie to be a light-hearted, romantic affair. In a seven-minute interview with Park Chan-wook, the Lady Vengeance director discussed his hopes for the project: "The movie has to have some sort of extreme qualities, which can most conveniently be portrayed through crime-drama genre." We're anticipating this to be the greatest, craziest tourist advertisement ever. You have until November 9 to submit your videos on YouTube. For another worldwide collaborative effort like this, check out Life in a Day, which documented the events of people's lives on July 24, 2010.



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