'Starman' Is the Next John Carpenter Movie to Get a Remake

'Starman' Is the Next John Carpenter Movie to Get a Remake

Apr 01, 2016

Roughly half of John Carpenter's feature films have either already been remade or have remakes in the works. Apparently that's just what happens when you make some of the most popular and influential genre films of the '70s and '80s. And now we can move one more to the remake column, as THR breaks news that a new Starman is in the works with Shawn Levy (Real Steel) directing a script from Arash Amel (who is writing another '80s remake, WarGames).

A Starman remake could fair quite well in this day and age, at least better than some other Carpenter re-dos (we're glowering at you, The Fog). Not because the original needs improvement - it's actually one of Carpenter's best films - but because it simply has a wonderful, compassionate story that could be retold in a new time with a new cast and still work wonders. Whether or not this is the right team of people to do it is another issue entirely.

If you've never seen his 1984 gem, it stars Karen Allen as a grieving widow who encounters an alien in the woods near her rural home. The alien needs to take the shape of a human, which happens to be that of her recently deceased husband (Jeff Bridges).

Describing it like that makes Starman sound like an outright horror movie, but it's actually a very touching story about love and getting over loss that's wrapped up in a sci-fi movie with car chases and secret government agents. It's really fantastic stuff and features one of Karen Allen's best performances.

There is no cast attached at this point nor a release date announced, so you can consider this the early days of a project that may or may not happen. If the thought of it has you wanting to scratch that Starman itch in a modern way, you should go check out Midnight Special, which coincidentally expands into more theaters today. It's another terrific, adult story about a sci-fi road trip about protecting a very special relationship between a human and an alien.


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