'Star Wars' Stuff: Benedict Cumberbatch Does Chewbacca, Great Blooper-Reel Trailer and More

'Star Wars' Stuff: Benedict Cumberbatch Does Chewbacca, Great Blooper-Reel Trailer and More

Nov 04, 2013


For a short time during undergrad, I worked at a mall art-and-framing shop. The clientele wasn’t exactly choosy (posters of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's were considered high art), but it always shocked me how much customers oohed and ahhed over the Thomas Kinkade paintings we sold. I had no idea who Kinkade was before working there, but quickly learned all the selling points: he hid a picture of Jesus in every painting (my coworker took great delight in pointing this out to me), and the artworks were embellished by Kinkade’s assistants (like damn factory workers, ick).

The pictures sold for a few hundred dollars (ridiculous), and I hated every one of them. I do, however, think this Wars on Kinkade series by artist Jeff Bennett is pretty great. Bennett has hilariously invaded the “painter of light’s” artworks with AT-ATs, Stormtroopers and other Star Wars characters and vehicles. Kinkade’s garish, surreal, glow-y color scheme is a surprisingly perfect match for the otherworldly sci-fi figures. [Spotted via The Mary Sue]






While we’re on the subject of Star Wars, remember that amazing blooper reel that came with J.W Rinzler’s enhanced edition of the book The Making of Star Wars? The fine folks at Slacktory have transformed it into a fun commercial advertising the film — and it looks like it could be the Roger Corman-ized version of a Star Wars we’d totally watch. The best bungled lines and goofy, botched action sequences are all here for your viewing pleasure. Dig in, below. [Spotted via ShortList]



Lastly, here's a video of Benedict Cumberbatch doing a great Chewbacca impression while sitting next to a bewildered Harrison Ford.



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