The 'Star Wars' Princess Leia Hologram in Real Life

The 'Star Wars' Princess Leia Hologram in Real Life

Jan 06, 2012

Even though the technology in Star Wars is more advanced than our own (in most cases), Princess Leia really had no choice when trying to send Obi-Wan a distress message. She couldn't just text him or Skype with the guy because he was living in some cave or studio apartment on Tatooine. So, her only option was to send a holographic message via R2D2 and pray that it would find its way into the retired Jedi's hands ... which it did. Chris Weibert, however, wasn't looking to send a distress call, but he did want to find out if he could recreate Leia's message in his own home, using spare computer parts, drinking straws, and an ultrasonic humidifier bought at a thrift store.

The results are pretty cool. The Star Wars effect is created by projecting Leia's image onto a very thin sheet of water vapor that rises via straws that were jury-rigged to this humidifier. Not exactly the same system R2D2 had tucked inside his tiny shell, but still cool nonetheless.

Check out the video below.

[via Technabob]

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