'Star Wars' Buzz: Watch 'Rebels' for Free, Plus: Fan-Made 'The Force Awakens' Trailers and More

'Star Wars' Buzz: Watch 'Rebels' for Free, Plus: Fan-Made 'The Force Awakens' Trailers and More

Nov 25, 2014

If the Force feels strong with this week, that's because the first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be arriving in select theaters this Friday (here's a list of theaters screening it), giving us an appetizing look at the first big-screen Star Wars sequel in 30 years. Luke, Han, Leia, Chewbacca... oh my!

To keep you busy till then, feast on some of this:

Watch Star Wars: Rebels for Free Until December 7

If you haven't had a chance to watch Disney's new animated Star Wars show, you're seriously missing out. Featuring glorious shades of the original trilogy mixed with a nerdy expansion of the Star Wars mythology, Disney's first legit Star Wars show is pretty great. It looks like the Star Wars you remember and it feels like the Star Wars you remember. Now, for a limited time (until December 7), the Diz has made the show's first five episodes available for free online via the official Star Wars website

Check out a couple of our picks below, then hit up the site to watch the rest. [via Slashfilm]

Spark of Rebellion - Star Wars Rebels Full Episode on Disney Video

Rise of the Old Masters - Star Wars Rebels Full Episode on Disney Video


Here's the Original Trailer for Star Wars: A New Hope

Before we get our first glimpse of what Star Wars looks like in 2014, here's what the very first trailer for the very first Star Wars looked like when it initially arrived on the scene back in 1977. Note there's no John Williams score. It's amazing how much that adds to the weight of the entire franchise.


The Empire Strikes Back... if It Came Out in 2014

Here's a very cool fan-made trailer for Empire Strikes Back that recuts it so that it looks like the sort of movie trailer we're used to seeing these days, featuring all the bells and whistles we've come to expect from a preview.


Now Check Out Some Fan-Made Trailers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Can't wait till Friday? Watch these fan-made trailers for the next Star Wars movie, which combine footage from a bunch of different movies in an effort to present something similar to what we'll be seeing when these new Star Wars movies begin to arrive in theaters next year. [via Slashfilm]


Watch a Two-Part Star Wars Documentary Comprised of Only the Deleted Scenes

You've seen plenty of behind-the-scenes Star Wars docs, but this one is a bit different. Created by Garrett Gilchrist, Star Wars: Deleted Magic is a two-part documentary that compiles a generous amount of scenes from the original trilogy that were left on the cutting-room floor. See alternate takes, characters who never made it into the final movies and lots more. [via The Playlist]




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