'Star Wars' Blu-ray Sales Breaks Records Globally Despite Fan Outcry

'Star Wars' Blu-ray Sales Breaks Records Globally Despite Fan Outcry

Sep 23, 2011



We've all made the jokes, and we've all looked on in horror at the anal retentive revisions for the Star Wars Blu-ray set, but most of us bought the hefty series anyway — especially since that $80 Amazon price tag was calling our names. Our lips said no, but our dollars said yes, and the nine-disc set has become the best-selling Blu-ray of all time and now also holds rank for the biggest pre-order sales. Lucas' Blu has raked in $84 million globally since its September 16 release, selling one million units. And that's just the past week.
In a statement released by Lucasfilm, courtesy of Deadline, Senior Director of Marketing, Kayleen Walters remarked, "Once again our fans' enthusiasm to celebrate Star Wars continues to amaze us. Our goal was to deliver a premium product that they could enjoy with their family and friends and we are thrilled that they are enjoying it as much as we hoped they would." Fans rallied against the changes Lucas implemented, even calling for a boycott and asking fellow Jedis to sign a petition online. Still, when it comes down to it, the film is a childhood favorite and obsession for many, and the price seemed right. 
Was the expansive set — which includes an endless amount of special features and other extra goodies — worth it for you, or are you already having buyer's remorse?

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