'St. Vincent' Trailer: Bill Murray Is a Bad, Bad Influence

'St. Vincent' Trailer: Bill Murray Is a Bad, Bad Influence

Jul 02, 2014

St. Vincent Bill Murray

Bill Murray is in the news a lot these days for doing crazy (and totally awesome) things – like performing karaoke with strangers and crashing weddings -- so when someone mentioned to me that he was visiting Naomi Watts at a strip club, my first thought was “well, there goes Bill Murray doing cool things in real life again.” The catch is that it was actually a movie trailer. Naomi Watts apparently doesn’t need to supplement her income by working part time as an exotic dancer.

Murray is front and center in the new trailer for St. Vincent – a comedy from Ted Melfi that finds the actor playing a gambler with a drinking problem who befriends the young boy who lives next door. Honestly, watching the clip, it reminds me a lot of Takeshi Kitano’s Kikujiro –wherein the degenerate Kitano character goes on a journey with a young boy and they both learn about life. If there’s an American actor who could pull off that role, it’s Murray.

St. Vincent is due in theaters on October 24, and features performances from Murray, Watts, Melissa McCarthy and Chris O’Dowd. Check out the trailer below and see what you think.

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