'Silent Night' Trailer: Another '80s Remake Is Here to Inject Some Horror into the Holidays

'Silent Night' Trailer: Another '80s Remake Is Here to Inject Some Horror into the Holidays

Nov 06, 2012

Silent Night, Deadly Night is one of the best horror titles ever. The movie itself, a Christmas-themed slasher where the killer dresses up like Santa Claus, certainly isn't the greatest horror movie of the '80s, but at least it's got a great, instantly memorable title that stands out on a rental shelf. And since it isn't particularly masterful, and its four sequels are even worse, it's also the kind of '80s horror movie that could be improved with a remake. Enter increasingly busy director Steven C. Miller.

Silent Night (out on November 30, 2012) is actually Miller's third film of the year (the other two are The Aggression Scale and Under the Bed), and it looks like a slick, enjoyable slasher with an emphasis on adults over interchangeable teens. The main gal here is Jaime King (My Bloody Valentine), and she's supported by the likes of Malcolm McDowell, Ellen Wong and Donal Logue. Not a bad mix by any stretch.

The plot, as near as can be surmised from the trailer, is pretty simple: There's a guy in a Santa suit stalking a small town in the Midwest on Christmas Eve. That's really all you need to know, but then again, you probably knew all of that from the title alone.

So what do you think? Is Silent Night, Deadly Night worthy of a remake? And do you think Steven C. Miller is paying it the tribute it deserves?

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