'Showrunners: A Documentary Film' Takes You Behind the Scenes of Your Favorite TV Shows

'Showrunners: A Documentary Film' Takes You Behind the Scenes of Your Favorite TV Shows

Dec 03, 2012

Joss Whedon Showrunners Documentary

Being one of the bigger movie sites on the Internet, we get sent a lot of links to Kickstarter projects. In fact, we could probably start a sister site called Kickstarter Fans or something like that and fill every day with highlights of all the cool projects looking for funding. Naturally, given the volume of things in development out there, we can’t cover everything that comes our way – but when something super cool does turn up, we like to share.

Showrunners: A Documentary Film is one of those projects. We want to watch this right now – and if you love television, we bet you’re gonna want to check it out too.

The premise is simple: Director Des Doyle and crew interview some of the biggest showrunners in Hollywood, giving the audience an inside look at how their favorite shows are made. It’s the kind of behind-the-scenes documentary film fans eat up.

If you’re not familiar with what a showrunner is, it’s the head writer (and often creator) of a television series – the person responsible for keeping the show moving and working with the network, the directors, the actors, the writers and pretty much everyone else involved with the creation of a series. It’s been called the most difficult job in show business, and we suspect this film will prove that theory correct once and for all.

The film spends time with some of the biggest names in television – from Joss Whedon to Sons of Anarchy’s Kurt Sutter, to Lost’s Damon Lindelof and so on. Doyle gets up close and personal with his subjects, taking us inside the writing room (where all the magic really happens) to the trials and tribulations of dealing with network execs, Comic-Con crowds, and more. It’s an all-access pass into a fascinating world many of us will never experience.

Unlike most Kickstarter projects, Showrunners is mostly done. The producers are looking for more money so they can finish editing the film (they have over 150 hours of footage that needs to be chopped down to a mere 90 minutes) and get it out there for public consumption.

If this sounds like something you’d want to watch, check out the promo video below and then donate what you can to the film’s Kickstarter fund – where you can find not only the full list of showrunners interviewed in the film, but all the cool perks you can get for helping out too. 

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