'Saw' Scribes Rewriting Del Toro's 'Pacific Rim,' Planning 'Black Light' for the Big Screen

'Saw' Scribes Rewriting Del Toro's 'Pacific Rim,' Planning 'Black Light' for the Big Screen

Nov 02, 2011

BlacklightPatrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan may not be huge names, but they're some of the busiest writers in the horror business (and to think, they got their start on Project Greenlight). They've got four Saw films, three Feast films, two Collectors, and one Piranha film under their belt, but they may have just snagged their highest profile gig yet. Deadline is reporting that the pair are currently doing a "production rewrite" on Guillermo del Toro's sci-fi opus Pacific Rim. How extensive these rewrites are is unclear, but it's a big step up for the duo, who have mainly been working on lower budget films their entire careers.

Pacific Rim is not the only thing they've gotten in the works, though. Back in October the pair published their first novel ever (co-written with Stephen Romano) called Black Light. I've actually read the book and it braves pretty impressive new territory for them. They're known for schlocky, gore-driven films, while Black Light is a high concept, strange demonic/exorcist/sci-fi hybrid about a troubled exorcist who is hired to pull the demons off of a futuristic maglev train as it speeds through a sort of Bermuda triangle of dead people in the desert. It's wacky and I mean that in the best well possible.

Black Light is also inherently cinematic, so it's no surprise that the pair are preparing a feature film adaptation. No studio is involved at this point, but they've given the producing duties to Michael De Luca (Drive Angry, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance), who is currently helping shop the project around Hollywood. Hopefully someone bites, because Black Light is actually a really cool story and the most original thing Dunstan and Melton have ever been involved with.

Here's the somewhat cheesy trailer for the book, where you can hear Dunstan himself say they wanted to write the book because it couldn't be contained in a 90-minute movie.

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