'Salt' Director Nabs 'Indecent Proposal' ... Kind of

'Salt' Director Nabs 'Indecent Proposal' ... Kind of

Oct 25, 2011


Salt director Phillip Noyce will be taking on an Indecent Proposal-sounding script for his next feature. The Arrangement finds a married woman making a deal with a wealthy man to spend three days with him in exchange for "a loan." Ahem. After, she must choose between the two men — naturally. THR reports on what seems to be some kind of racial subtext happening in the movie, with the woman being half-white/black and the man she cheats with being black (hubby is white). We're not really sure what that's going to be about, but thought we'd pass it on.
The story comes from screenwriter Brian Tucker, who apparently “writes post-Obama stories that forces audiences to question themselves.” As THR points out, Noyce has a great range — tackling a variety of thrillers from Dead Calm to ABC's Revenge. The director recently traded Hunter Killer (a Black Hawk Down-type action vehicle) for the Liam Hemsworth romantic drama Timeless. Hopefully Noyce can make The Arrangement look less like Indecent Proposal and with a script that reads less awkward than this description. Do you agree?

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