'Safety Not Guaranteed' Trailer: Your First Look at the Time-Travel Comedy Everyone is Buzzing About

'Safety Not Guaranteed' Trailer: Your First Look at the Time-Travel Comedy Everyone is Buzzing About

Mar 28, 2012

It's no secret that low-budget sci-fi movies are all the rage right now on the festival circuit thanks, in part, to the success of films like Another Earth and Sound of My Voice, which keep their nerdy sci-fi themes in the background while they spend more time attempting to build relationships and grow their characters. For some sci-fi fans it's annoying when they don't get what they feel is an adequate-enough dose of genre awesomeness, but for others they're enjoying the creative ways up-and-coming filmmakers are playing around with the genre. 

Safety Not Guaranteed is another great example of a film with sci-fi roots that spends most of its time lost in the comedic world of its dysfunctional trio than it does on the film's central time-travel plot, but it definitely pays off in the form of a fun, entertaining crowd-pleaser. Aubrey Plaza, Jake M. Johnson, and Karan Soni star as a trio of wannabe journalists who go on a road trip to track down a man (Mark Duplass) who placed an ad in the classifieds claiming he's going to travel back in time and needs a partner. Much hilarity -- and a whole lotta heart -- ensues.

Writing for Movies.com from SXSW, Jacob Hall said this about the film: "Safety Not Guaranteed is a film that wears its heart on its leave. It's a small movie with big emotions, built to appeal to the romantics in the audience (and if you came looking for a straightforward time travel movie, it's best to just move along). If you're the kind of sucker who likes things like laughter and love and leaving a movie theater with your heart filled with rapturous joy, then, um...yeah, this is probably the movie for you."

Safety Not Guaranteed hits theaters on June 8th. Check out the trailer below, via Apple.

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