'Safe House' Trailer: Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds Team Up to Kick Lots of Ass

'Safe House' Trailer: Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds Team Up to Kick Lots of Ass

Nov 03, 2011

The first trailer for the action-thriller Safe House has arrived online, complete with a whole ton of action, explosions, gun shots, car chases and Ryan Reynolds in bed with a sexy woman. Do we really need anything more from our big-screen entertainment?

Denzel Washington returns to badass form as a former CIA agent who went rogue and dropped off the grid for a decade, only to turn up at a South African safe house that's about to be infiltrated by people who want him and will kill anyone standing in their way. Reynolds stars as a rookie agent tasked with sitting around the safe house waiting for new guests to arrive, only he didn't expect his latest to be the most dangerous man on the planet. When the safe house is attacked, this unlikely duo go on the run, dodging a multitude of bad dudes while they try to decipher who, exactly, wants them dead.

The flick was directed by Daniel Espinosa (Snabba Cash), and definitely looks and feels very Bourne-esque, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Plus, hey, it's always nice to see Denzel wrecking the joint. Check out the trailer over on Apple in HD and let us know what you think. Safe House hits theaters on February 10th.

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