'Romancing the Stone' to Become a TV Series?

'Romancing the Stone' to Become a TV Series?

Sep 01, 2011

Robert Zemeckis' Romancing the Stone starring Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, and Danny DeVito is an '80s-riffic blend of humor, thrilling adventure, and romantic warmth. Rumors about a remake have surfaced over the years, but nothing's ever materialized. THR brings news that instead of a big screen re-telling, we'll be seeing the story about a romance novel writer and an American bird exporter on television.
NBC has teamed up with 20th Century Fox to adapt the action-adventure tale into a series that would follow Turner's character and a "risk-taking adventurer as they go on weekly quests in a bid to find her missing brother." Night at the Museum director Shawn Levy will be behind the camera, while The Forgotten writer Mark Fiedman will handle script duties.
There was a rumor just a week ago that Katherine Heigl, Taylor Kitsch, and Gerard Butler were all potentials for a film remake. Whether the TV or movie revamp actually makes it to the finish line is anyone's guess, but NBC is on a remake binge lately – also trying to bring Frankenstein and The Munsters back for more. Is the original Romancing the Stone untouchable, or could you see adventurous potential for a TV series?

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