'Robin Hood: Origins' Nabs 'The Knick' Star as Maid Marian

'Robin Hood: Origins' Nabs 'The Knick' Star as Maid Marian

Oct 16, 2015

Eve Hewson

Rising star Eve Hewson is in negotations to play the key role of Maid Marian in the upcoming Robin Hood: Origins, according to Deadline. She gained notice because of her sterling performance as a fledgling nurse in the first season of The Knick, a medical show set during the early 20th century and directed by Steven Soderbergh. That excellent series will begin its second season on Cinemax this week. She also has a small role as Tom Hanks' oldest daughter in Bridge of Spies, which opens in theaters today.


The movie is one of several competing projects that have been in development, all seeking to provide a 21st century perspective on the legendary outlaw. The last time this happened, back in the summer of 1991, Kevin Costner starred as the heroic British bandit, albeit without much of a British accent, in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, competing with Robin Hood, starring Patrick Bergin and Uma Thurman. Despite being released a month later, Costner's Robin Hood won the favor of audiences, earning more than $390 million worldwide.


More recently, Russell Crowe starred in Ridley Scott's Robin Hood (2010), which was more of a dour origin story than a rip-roaring adventure, suggesting that the titular character was a very reluctant warrior in behalf of the British against an invading French force. Although Robin Hood: Origins is also, obviously, a prequel of sorts, it promises a story focused on Sherwood Forest, with Robin returning from the Crusades to discover that his home territory is now filled with "corruption and evil." He forms a group of vigilantes with the goal of cleaning up the forest. Otto Bathurst (TV's sharp-edged, period crime show Peaky Blinders) will direct.


Robin will be played by Taron Egerton, who broke out earlier this year with his performance in Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman: The Secret Service (see above) as a brash street kid transformed into a deadly covert agent (watch the clip above). His profile rose so quickly that it caused a scheduling conflict when he won the lead role in Robin Hood: Origins.

Originally the movie was set to begin filming in February 2016, while the sequel to Kingsman was planned for April 2016. Since the Kingsman sequel had first contractual claims on the actor, the producers of Robin Hood: Origins decided to delay the start of their production until Egerton becomes available, probably at the end of next summer.

That speaks to the producers' enthusiasm for Egerton, since they could have kept their original start date and recast the role, but they didn't. Also, the casting of Hewson, who, like Egerton, doesn't have that much experience behind her, suggests that the producers are willing to roll the dice on young actors with plenty of potential. That alone should help distinguish Robin Hood: Origins from the other bandit tales that may be flooding movie screens in the next couple of years.

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