'Red Dawn' Remake Trailer Sends Chris Hemsworth to a Cabin in the Woods Full of Guns

'Red Dawn' Remake Trailer Sends Chris Hemsworth to a Cabin in the Woods Full of Guns

Aug 10, 2012

A remake of the 1984 anti-Communist, uh, classic Red Dawn has been sitting on a shelf at MGM for years. Normally an expensive movie just collecting dust means it has some serious problems, but in this case it's at least partially bad timing. MGM has been going through some financial woes and simply could not afford to do anything with the last few films it produced. Coincidentally, its two biggest films at the time were Red Dawn and The Cabin in the Woods, both starring future-Thor Chris Hemsworth.

MGM has since begun to restructure its business, and part of that has finally resulted in the release of the shelved Hemsworth movies. Will Red Dawn be as great as Cabin turned out? Hopefully, but the gun-packing first trailer for the film isn't wildly encouraging.

John Milius' '84 version is silly, but at least the idea of a band of teenagers fighting off a surprise Soviet invasion made some kind of sense in the context of the final years of the Cold War. Communist paranoia may have been waning, but it was at least still around in 1984. But 2012? Or, rather 2008, when the remake was made? Does anyone take an invasion from North Korea seriously?

What do you think? Are you looking forward to a remake of Red Dawn?

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