'Raiders of the Lost Ark' Blu-ray Deleted Scene Shows the Real Sword Fight That Was Cut

'Raiders of the Lost Ark' Blu-ray Deleted Scene Shows the Real Sword Fight That Was Cut

Sep 07, 2012

Hearing the words "Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures" is enough to bring us to tears (of joy!) — especially since the awesome Blu-ray box set is about to hit stores on September 18. While we all sit around and twiddle our thumbs until we can get our hands on the beautiful collection honoring one of cinema's greatest heroes, EW has gifted us with an exclusive peek at one of the extras included in the hefty set.

The clip centers on a scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark that has delighted fans for over 30 years. We're talking about the standoff between Harrison Ford's rugged archaeologist and a black-robed baddie brandishing a wicked scimitar. The two meet in an Egyptian bazaar, and it's a tense moment, with our determined villain showing off his skills with the sharp blade — at least until Indy casually whips out a gun and shoots him. A new behind-the-scenes documentary in the five-disc set reveals that the iconic moment almost never happened. Indy was wielding a whip instead of a gun, and we watch him being directed in the midst of action. Not quite the same effect, right?

During a Q&A last year with director Steven Spielberg and star Ford, the actor said he suggested swapping weapons so things didn't get repetitive. "Why don’t we just shoot the son of a bitch," he proposed to the filmmaker. The swordsman — who had spent months training for his big moment — wasn't told about the switch in the scene until the day of the shoot. Website Collider explains how he approached the switch:

"Spielberg adds that the swordsman — to make up for the lost screen time — staged the most elaborate death scene on the first take. After being shot, he backed up, then forwards, waving right to left, falling to his knees, then flopping down, crawling forward, finally still. On the second take, before Spielberg called action, Ford just fired the prop gun — startling the swordsman to such an extent he just fell straight down — the take which would be used for the final film."

Check out EW's full clip on its website, and here's a tiny bit of footage from the original scene below.


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