The 'Prometheus' Chats (Parts 2 & 3): Our Experts Tackle the Film's Biggest Unanswered Questions

The 'Prometheus' Chats (Parts 2 & 3): Our Experts Tackle the Film's Biggest Unanswered Questions

Jun 08, 2012

The Prometheus Chats are a series of roundtable conversations regarding Ridley Scott's Prometheus hosted by managing editor Erik Davis, and featuring some of the web's most notable movie experts.


Following my press screening of Ridley Scott's Prometheus, I noticed groups of people standing outside the theater long after the credits rolled, deeply engrossed in heated debate over what they just watched. Soon after I learned it wasn't just my screening -- this sort of thing was happening all across the country and world.
No matter how you slice it, Prometheus is a film that makes you want to talk about it, good and bad. So, in the spirit of Movies Chat, I thought it'd be a fun idea to ring up some of my movie-writing (and loving) buddies from around the net for a series of roundtable conversations about the film, its unanswered questions and the potential future of this franchise. 
You can listen to parts 2 and 3 below, in which I'm joined by Jordan Hoffman (@jhoffman6), of Screencrush, William Goss (@williambgoss), of MSN Movies and, and Germain Lussier (@germainlussier), of Slashfilm. In one of the geekiest, most thought-provoking Prometheus roundtable conversations you'll find online, the four of us spend about 40 minutes tackling the film's biggest unanswered questions.
Note: Both chats include spoilers.
Part 2


Part 3

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