'Project X' Trailer: It's a Found-Footage Version of 'The Hangover,' but, Ya Know, for Kids

'Project X' Trailer: It's a Found-Footage Version of 'The Hangover,' but, Ya Know, for Kids

Nov 02, 2011

We've been hearing bits and pieces about a little found-footage teen sex comedy called Project X over the past year, with producer Todd Phillips chatting it up in between Hangover movies. All we knew was that it starred a bunch of newbie teenagers and revolved around a crazy house party. Based on this first trailer ... yup, it's essentially a crazy house party, starring all the hot girls from that music video you watched on repeat the other night once your parents went to sleep. Check it:


Basically what we see here are boobs, asses, sexy dancing, pump-thumpin' music, kids jumping off a roof, fire, police sirens ... pretty much the craziest house party someone could ever throw. What we don't see here is any kind of plot or one particularly funny scene that makes you want to run to the theater in between Jello-O shots and beer pong. It's a teaser, and it definitely wags its pretty little ass in your face, teasing you the entire time. Is that enough to make us want to see this thing? No, not yet. Right now it feels like we're looking at a feature-length music video and not a feature-length film. Hopefully that changes with the release of additional trailers leading up to the film's March 2nd debut.

Now for some strange reason we're in the mood to do a keg-stand. Anyone?

[via Apple, where you can see all the T&A in HD]

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