'Pitch Perfect 2' Is Definitely Happening and Will Be Directed by Elizabeth Banks

'Pitch Perfect 2' Is Definitely Happening and Will Be Directed by Elizabeth Banks

Jan 27, 2014

Fact: Few movies from the last 10 years are as consistently entertaining upon repeated rewatch as Pitch Perfect.
Counterfact: I don't know why I included this, because there is no counterfact. Because the above is a fact. Duh.

Seriously though, Pitch Perfect is one of the most satisfying studio comedies to come along in quite some time. It's got an inspired ensemble of characters and a script that's self-aware enough to subvert expectations while at the same time gleefully embracing a tried-and-true formula for movies about underdog college groups trying to win respect.

The first thing that sets the tone for Pitch Perfect's personality is an opening introduction to two bubbly, sarcastic commentators watching teams of college kids perform a cappella singing routines. One is played by John Michael Higgins, the other Elizabeth Banks. And now we know for sure that at least Elizabeth Banks is going to be back for the already announced Pitch Perfect 2. And how do we know? She'll be directing the whole thing.

Yes, Elizabeth Banks is making her feature-length directorial debut with Pitch Perfect 2. It won't be her first time directing comedy, though. She directed Chloe Moretz's segment in Movie 43, about a girl getting her period for the first time while on a date at a boy's house.

Banks not only appeared in the first film, she produced it and actually originated the idea, too. Kay Cannon, who wrote the first, is back to script this one as well. And while today's announcement didn't come with any casting news, it is expected that Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson will return (and if they're back, the rest most likely will be, too).

As for the plot, who knows what kind of wackiness the Barden Bellas will be up against this time. Maybe they'll end up competing on a reality TV show and the whole thing will mock singing competitions. Whatever the case, we don't really care right now. If you'd told me all ladies college a capella singing was a comedy gold mine, I would never would have believed you. I didn't even believe the trailers. It took me begrudgingly watching Pitch Perfect in a "I think I heard this was good" way to see what Elizabeth Banks had seen along. So I'm just going to go ahead and trust that whatever she's got planned for Pitch Perfect 2 is going to be great.




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