'Piranha 3D' in Real Life: Fish Attack 100 Beachgoers in Brazil

'Piranha 3D' in Real Life: Fish Attack 100 Beachgoers in Brazil

Sep 28, 2011

One of the reasons why Jaws is so scary is because it's entirely possibly to believe that a giant shark would wind up in the wrong place and begin attacking beachgoers. Each year we hear of a few stories in which surfers or swimmers are attacked by a shark, and one real-life story -- about a female surfer who lost her arm to a shark -- was recently turned into a movie called Soul Surfer. Piranha, on the other hand, not so much. After all, when have you ever been swimming in a place where piranha live? Not ever, most likely, and so a film like Piranha 3D is only frightening for those living in the remote areas of the world where piranhas reside. 

Or if you happen to be one of the 100 people who were recently attacked by piranha while on the beach in Brazil.

Authorities in Brazil are kinda freaking out after beachgoers reported being bitten on their heels and toes at a local beach by piranha. Part of the problem stems from the piranha having no predators near that beach, which means it's open season on your ass. In the meantime environmental officials have added tilapia in an attempt to steer the piranha away from human flesh, while it's probably fair to assume that the upcoming Piranha 3DD will not be raking in the box office in that area anytime soon.

[via Breitbart, via Joblo]


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