'Personal Demons' Is the Next Supernatural Love Triangle to Head to the Big Screen

'Personal Demons' Is the Next Supernatural Love Triangle to Head to the Big Screen

Feb 27, 2013

Lisa Desrochers' YA book trilogy, which includes Personal Demons, Original Sin and Last Rite, centers on a teen Catholic schoolgirl named Frannie who gets caught in a wicked love triangle. Luc Cain is the hot, new guy at school that wants her soul and tempts her to sin so he can lure her to hell. Gabe is the good, "angelic" guy that fights for her. Frannie possesses a special psychic ability both boys want, but love gets in the way. It's the kind of utterly cheesy, supernatural storyline Hollywood drools over in an ongoing attempt to replace the Twilight franchise.

THR reports that the three-book series has been optioned by Ineffable Pictures, which means we'll be getting a (more) melodramatic version of Desrochers' story in no time at all. Reviewers have called the trilogy scary, sexy and fun, with several relating her to a beloved television heroine: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The relationship aspect does sound somewhat reminiscent of the obsession and love Buffy shared with Angel and Spike — two vamps that teetered on the side of good and evil at several points during the long-running storyline. Joss Whedon made those characters memorable, so we're having a hard time comparing Buffy's whip-smart writing and humor to this project. Apples and oranges, as they say.

Confess: have you read these books and who could you see being cast in the leads? We just hope the actors actually look like teenagers and not the late twentysomethings they appear to be in the cover artwork.

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