'Pay the Ghost' Trailer: Do Not Kidnap Nicolas Cage's Kid

'Pay the Ghost' Trailer: Do Not Kidnap Nicolas Cage's Kid

Aug 31, 2015

To many, Nicolas Cage has basically become a living, breathing meme. It's not hard to see why, either. He's got a few recent bad movies under his belt and a constant stream of weird haircuts to go with them, so any given screenshot of him can have some snarky text applied to it and cover a thousand different scenarios. But even if he does have weird hair pieces, and even if the movies he's in are duds, Nicolas Cage still manages to throw his weight into a role in ways that few other actors ever do.

It's a bit of a blessing, then, that Cage's next movie actually looks more than a little decent. It's called Pay the Ghost, and it's about a man whose investigation into the abduction of his son leads him down some pretty wild avenues. There's actually some scale and genuine mystery to this production and that looks refreshing for horror movies that are increasingly confining themselves to just dark hallways in suburbia.

Hopefully the trailer isn't too deceiving, but so far Pay the Ghost looks far closer to the Snake Eyes and 8MM side of Nicolas Cage than the Left Behind and Seeking Justice side. Fingers crossed it delivers.


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