'Not Another Celebrity Movie' Trailer Finds Celebrity Look-alikes Spoofing 'Ocean's Eleven'

'Not Another Celebrity Movie' Trailer Finds Celebrity Look-alikes Spoofing 'Ocean's Eleven'

Dec 17, 2012

You know a movie is in trouble when there are no credited writers on its IMDb page. Part of us wishes we could say this comes from the people who did Not Another Teen Movie, because at least that was a decent-enough spoof. Sadly, this is not from the same creative team. Instead, it comes from the director of Pageant vs. Playmate and I Know What You Did Last Winter, Emilio Ferrari, who looks to have assembled the best celebrity impersonators he could find for what's essentially a feature-length YouTube parody starring a bunch of people who kind of look like other celebrities if you catch them at a certain angle.

Yup, there's Charlie Sheen, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and a somewhat decent Robert De Niro, all attempting to spoof Ocean's Eleven because... why not? You can read the official synopsis for Not Another Celebrity Movie below, and see this thing when it arrives in some form this February after premiering at the Berlin Film Festival, at which time the entire country of Germany will simultaneously turn and promptly give us the middle finger.

Entertainment 7 and First Napoleon Productions will release NOT ANOTHER CELEBRITY MOVIE soon after its debut at the Berlin Film Festival in February 2013. Packed with a star-studded crew of celebrity look-alikes, this parody of Oceans 11 follows the misguided antics of "Charlie Sheen" as he tries to meet with "Justin Bieber," whom he believes is his illegitimate son. When his attempts to reconnect are thwarted, "Sheen" engages the services of "Brad Pitt," "George Clooney," "Robert DeNiro," "Tom Cruise" and seven other celebrities to implement a plot to kidnap the pop sensation at an upcoming concert in Las Vegas. The resulting antics are, in a word, Winning!

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