'Need for Speed 2' Will Now Burn Rubber in China

'Need for Speed 2' Will Now Burn Rubber in China

Apr 08, 2015

Need for Speed wasn't a massive hit in America. It tanked with critics and didn't do too hot at the box office, either, only pulling in about $43.5 million from an estimated $66 million budget. Numbers like that typically mean a movie's franchise hopes are dead on arrival. But that's just America, which is only one cog in the increasingly global picture of filmmaking today.

The Aaron Paul-starring movie made another $160 million in other parts of the world, with about 40% of that coming from China alone. Those are indeed more sequel-worthy numbers, which is why a Need for Speed 2 is now happening. And not only that, but it's doubling down on China.

According to Variety, a lot of the sequel will be filmed in China and will utilize some notable Chinese actors in significant roles. That first part isn't that new. Many Hollywood movies film in China for the financial incentives, but then they tend to relegate the Chinese cast to small roles. If Need for Speed 2 does indeed end up happening, it could mark an important turning point in international casting.

But now that we know a movie called Need for Speed will film in China, all we can do is hope that they find some way to race on top of the Great Wall. At the very least they've gotta ramp over it. That's just a no-brainer.





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