'Mirror Mirror' on the Wall, Which 'Snow White' Trailer Is the Fairest of Them All?

'Mirror Mirror' on the Wall, Which 'Snow White' Trailer Is the Fairest of Them All?

Nov 15, 2011

The other day brought a pretty impressive (and badass) Snow White and the Huntsman trailer that promised to take the classic fairytale in a direction that involved Chris Hemsworth killing people in the middle of a forest with axes and swords. Nice. And now the first trailer for the other Snow White movie -- recently named Mirror Mirror -- has arrived, and it's completely different from the Kristen Stewart/Chris Hemsworth flick. That's the good news. You will not be seeing the same film if you see both of these, no sir.

The bad news is we're not so hot on this Mirror Mirror trailer, which appears to feature a film-stealing performance from Julia Roberts as the uptight, over-the-top, annoyingly egotistical wicked queen of the giant, obnoxious dresses. Sure, Tarsem Singh's visionary style is all over this thing -- and it looks kinda fun, in that campy-corny sort of way -- but Armie Hammer's prince looks a little ridiculous, and Lily Collins' Snow White, while drop-dead beautiful in every frame, is not helped by the cheesy one-liners those dwarves are throwing out.

We'll let you be the judge in the end. Check out both trailers below, and let us know which one is the fairest of them all in your opinion.


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