'Metalocalypse' Director to Tell the Story of Tim Burton's Failed Superman Movie

'Metalocalypse' Director to Tell the Story of Tim Burton's Failed Superman Movie

Jan 25, 2013

Superman Lives Nic CageSuperman Lives will live forever in comic movie history as one of the most tantalizingly bizarre films that never got made. It featured a Kevin Smith script, was going to be directed by Tim Burton, and starred Nic Cage as the Man of Steel – albeit the strangest looking take on the character we’ve ever seen (he was set to wear some kind of super-shiny electrical body armor for starters…)

For a number of reasons, this film never actually happened – but what we know about the planned feature is so strange that fans still talk about it to this day. That’s where director John Schnepp enters the story.

Schnepp is a director on Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse and Venture Bros. and now he’s looking to fund a documentary about Superman Lives through Kickstarter. Entitled The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?, Schnepp’s film promises to be a full feature-length documentary taking fans behind the scenes on this project that never came to fruition. As an obsessive fan of the backstory behind the film, Schnepp hopes to take us inside the production through a series of interviews with people involved in the aborted film, shedding new light on why this thing never made it to completion.

Schnepp’s goals are lofty – we don’t really know that any of the people he mentions wanting to interview in his promo clip will actually agree to talk about the film all these years later – but if he hits even half of what he’s aiming for, we should wind up with a potentially fascinating look at the Superman movie that never was.

Have a peak at Schnepp’s pitch video below. If it looks like something you’d be interested in funding, head on over to his Kickstarter and kick in a few bucks.


[via Bleeding Cool]

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