'Medora' Trailer: One of This Year's Best Sports Documentaries

'Medora' Trailer: One of This Year's Best Sports Documentaries

Oct 10, 2013

There are some movies you see and forget, and then others you can't stop thinking about. Medora is one of those films. Tucked inside a tiny rural town in Indiana was this incredible real-life story of a high school basketball team that couldn't win. Not at basketball, not at life, not at anything, really. As the team struggles all season long to take home just one win, so does a town that hasn't seen a sign of good news in years. Everyone's a bit of a misfit, and everyone has a story to tell. When you begin to realize how much is riding on one measly win, things get personal and your tissue box might need to make an appearance.

Here's a snippet of a piece I wrote after seeing Medora at SXSW this past March: "As we follow each member of the Medora Hornets, many of whom come from broken families struggling with addiction and poverty, you begin to realize just how important organized sports is for not only these kids, but for an entire town. And then you realize how one win -- one small, meaningless win -- can impact the rest of someone's life. It's powerful stuff, and while Medora is chock-full of humorous Bad News Bears-esque moments, the documentary is also a true tearjerker because these people are all of us. They're our neighbors, our cousins, our friends. And like you, they're just trying to earn their way past defeat.

Medora is a documentary about how being a loser actually makes you a better winner, and its message is one we desperately need to spread right now. Not just to our kids, but to their parents. Not just to people attending a film festival, but to anyone who watches movies, period."

The film arrives in New York and Los Angeles on November 8, then everywhere November 12. For more, hit up the official website.




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